Musings on Bicycling and Buddhism

Friday, April 27, 2012

A moment, just a moment and the winter that wasn't

Often betimes we post more in the winter when buried in snow and no trusty bicycle has a plow large enough to see us on our way to happiness with each swift and true turn of the wheels.  But this winter was the winter that wasn't.  It was warm, it might of snowed once or twice but the trees didn't really notice.

And we kept biking all winter long, didn't miss a day, even rode home in the snow - the couple of times it actually managed to stick around long enough.

Sometimes things just don't go as expected.  Like the winter that wasn't.

But life can change in just a moment, just a single tiny thing.  It can all go topsy-turvy on you.  A dear and young friend died this weekend, just a shy month from graduating from college.

In a moment, just a small moment, a lot of things can change.

So I would ask to anyone, anywhere, anywhen - who ever had anyone they loved, liked or even mildly cared about - to treasure each moment.  Put on your helmet, even if it's sunny or you're just going down the street.  Remind the people you care about that you do.  Inconvenience is inconvenient, but the effort made is paid back in more ways, across more people, more times than you know.  And you never know when it is the last time.

Our lives are perilously uncertain; so be yourself always, tell the truth always, do not compromise your truth if you're brave enough to know it.  These are things my dear lost friend is teaching me, and she'll keep teaching me something new every day as long as I live, because she lives in my heart, and yours, even if you didn't know her.
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