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Hi, I'm Jessie....and this is Tour de What You Will.

This blog began as the story of Charlie and me. Who's Charlie? He's a bicycle.

How It Began: In the summer of 2010 I found myself newly moved to the suburbs of Boston. The circumstances of my life at the time led me to pursue bicycle commuting, a daily 25 mile round trip. This blog began as a challenge I undertook for myself - to bike the equivalent distance of a Tour de France by my birthday of that year. (The inaugural post is here.)

What's the name about, anyway: The blog's name comes in part from the Tour de France, as that initial distance goal suggests. The second part, What You Will, comes from my enduring love of Shakespeare. If you look at the long, formal title of Twelfth Night, you'll notice it's properly titled: Twelfth Night, or What You Will. I've always loved the openended-ness of that phrasing. It became a part of this blog title because so much of what I write about is here and there.

What's in here: This blog is the story of my transformation from fair-weather cyclist to bike nerd, as well as many others. Some observations on the bike industry are filed under, "Thoughts from the Cycle-verse". Personal goals and challenges under "Breaking the Limits". And many others I make up on a whim. All of this is entwined with Buddhism and humanism - two things I am very passionate about and strive to practice in my daily life.

About me...I'm a veggie powered girl on a bike and I'm changing the world by riding a bike. I study and practice Buddhist humanism and I believe by empowering each person's life we move our world in a better direction. Here is one small contribution to that cause.

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