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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Couple of Sundays ago....

A couple of Sundays ago whilst biking back from Rock the Era practice, i.e. the place where most of the taiko in my life happens...amongst other events:) I was (not very innocently) riding my bike down the sidewalk (!) somewhere near the Watertown/Waltham line and as I go someone leans out of the window of a passing car and yells at me: "Rock the Era!!" -At the top of her lungs- it takes me (what feels like a very long time) to realize that this is another SGI member and that I'm wearing the tshirt, fatigue does not encourage detailed observational skills... anyway you run into people you know in the strangest places and its rewarding to learn that the things you work so hard for have an influence beyond what you see and do with your own two hands...

Goal: 2,200 miles by 9.24.10
Miles ridden to date: 180
Miles left to goal: 2,020
Days left: 94

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