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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Broken Spoke and Unexpected Goodies

I went to get Charlie and look what we find? Broken spoke, which I do not yet possess the knowledge to fix, so back to Cambridge Bicycle we went, and Charlie got to spend Thanksgiving with his bicycle buddies.

In other news this Thanksgiving was a little different this year at homestead. When we (these siblings of mine) asked our mother the usual question, i.e. what do you want for Christmas this year? (or some similar wording); the reply we received was, "A dumpster." After being taken aback for a few moments she elaborated that she would like us to sift through all those old boxes and forgotten furniture that are covered with dust and live in the attic. Boxes that sensible, normal people leave there and forget about for ages, until say they have a midlife crisis and want to wear their old leather jacket and listen to genuine LPs again... but that's beside the point.
Besides the dumpster and filling the dumpster and sorting and stacking and throwing; generally breaking the laws of physics and figuring, "Does that all really fit in there?" There was a box of bicycle stuff.

Unbeknownst to me my father was quite the cyclist in the years before my birth. All sorts of bicycle goodies! (And almost contemporaneous with Charlie!) I rescued them before they were flung into the abyss of no return, the dumpster. Thusly have I acquired a few things which I cannot at present utilize, but perhaps the fine folks at the shop can? We shall see... But more is that I have found an unexpected something in common with the father I barely got the chance to know before he was taken from me.

And a tool kit.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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