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Friday, September 30, 2011

Charlie's sending you a postcard

Hello My name is Charlie and I am a blue bicycle.  I'd like to send you this postcard from my trip:

My human, Jessie, who normally writes this thing, had a birthday last week.  I'd just like to say my birthday is June 2nd, and I'm a gemini. My human is a libra - we get along pretty well.  Jessie finally got me a new wheel like she said she would, but a little later than she said she would, but all in all I'm pretty fit as a fiddle now.

So for her human-type birthday, rather than getting new parts like I did, we went on an adventure.  We went with my new pal Oscar and his human Ryan.  Now Oscar is green and tall.  He is named after this Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street, who - I hear - is grumpy and mean, but then I don't watch much tv so that's just hearsay really.... but he really is a very nice bicycle - kind of a bit of a misnomer if you ask me.  He is taller than me and he is also a single speed.  I think he has some track bike in his heritage....

So we took a train, this large, loud thing that humans ride on rails, away from Boston to a place called Manchester-by-the-Sea. There were boats there. And then we went adventuring...

We stopped to get ice cream....

Oscar got pumpkin flavored.  Oscar really likes pumpkins.  I got the non-dairy lemon kind, because my human and I run on vegetables.  Even though it's Oscar who is green like vegetables.  

Anyway, we went up and over hills, and by the sea and through some town called Gloucester, past big houses and small houses.  There were other bicycles too! 

We went all the way to Rockport.  There are a lot of rocks there.  Sometimes humans lack subtlety.  It was scenic and touristy and the sun came out.  That way I don't have to worry about rust so much.

We saw the ocean!  

The humans took many pictures of us because we are just so pretty.  And the sunset was pretty too.

Then we took the train home to Somerville.  We were a little tired from all those hills, it's tough having just one gear sometimes.

I'll send you another postcard next time!

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