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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bottom Bracket

Charlie went in to get a tune-up yesterday, turned out he needed a new bottom bracket.  The old one was a loose bearing and so after many miles was filled with dirt, crud, lost souls, and losing lottery tickets.  Apparently a loose bearing bottom bracket is like a sewer grate, it collects everything and anything.  It was also missing a few bearings... THAT's what that feeling of slow, plucky was....

So much to learn!  New bottom bracket is in, and lighter than the old one.  Tune-up is done.  The shop once again amazed me, half off on parts and labor!  (How do they stay in business being this awesome?)

Charlie is ready to take on the weather!  If the time comes when we have to replace the headset then just about every bearing containing part will have been replaced on this bicycle.....

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