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Friday, October 22, 2010

Charlie's Post

I will be attending a copywriting, as in ad-copy, workshop for my job. Prior to going I have an evaluation to fill out and some exercises to do, homework for my workshop. One of my assignments is to learn about perspective, so here was the first thing that came to mind:

Hello, My name is Charlie. I’m from Austria and I’m blue. We know at least that much because my sticker says so. I’m a bit of a lost boy you see. I was rescued from a dumpster by Bud, the manager of Cambridge Bicycle, and then re-outfitted. (The time between this and the next part of my adventure no one knows about and I’m not telling.) I was put out with the other used bicycles in front of the shop and a girl in a dress walked by me. Then she came back, she just couldn’t walk right by. First she thought I was too tall for her, but after a test ride we knew it was meant to be. I was sold to this weird girl, Jessie after that, who took me out of Cambridge, to some place called Waltham where there aren’t as many of my people. But we get to visit the shop every once and awhile, I always look forward to being reunited with my people.

I don’t talk much, so the best Jessie can figure is that I was manufactured in the late 1980’s, shortly before my parent company: Steyr-Daimler-Puch was broken up in an antitrust lawsuit. They also did some shady business back in WWII but that was before I was born and so I hope I’m mostly innocent?

I’m also a Bergmeister. Don’t tell but, I could be older than I look, they started making Bergmeisters in the 1960s as a step up from those pedantic Clubmen (Clubmans?). Bergmeisters are known for their signature copper plating, but like I mentioned before, I’m blue. I also have this snazzy seat tube art with commemorative Olympic rings, which is all well and good, but which Olympics? I don’t remember exactly and the sticker doesn’t remind me either, you spend time in dumpsters and let’s see what you remember…

When I’m not outside I tend to spend my time in scenic basements, in Waltham and in one particular brownstone in Boston. I don’t have to sit outside in the rain and the cold to wait all day. But my favorite place is outside, by the Charles River, for which I am named. Oh I almost forgot to mention, I’m a Buddhist bicycle, I didn’t know that I was but I carry Jessie to Buddhist meetings all over the place, so does that make me a Buddhist too?

Well this is the most talking I’ve done in awhile, I usually leave that to my human. Oh have you checked out my new tires? And boy oh boy I'm getting a tuneup next week!

Goal: 2,200 miles by 9.24.10
Miles ridden to date: 1,537
Miles left to goal: 663
Days left: +28 over


  1. Hey, I have a bike built exactly like that! the only difference is mine is labeled “clubman” on the tube instead of Puch Bergmeister, and is a yellow color. but it has the exact same decals and style and same frame design and everything. I got mine at a garage sale a few months back. it says made in Austria. and the normal clubman's don't have the olympic rings on them.....

    1. I've still never seen a "Clubman" in person - and this is the only Puch of this kind I've ever seen. Glad to know other still exist!


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