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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to that Moment

I want to go back,
back to that moment
last weekend
last morning
last month
when everything was new and bright
the sun was shining
and there was a springtime's worth of it everywhere

I want to go back,
back to that moment
when anything was possible

I want to go back,
back to that moment
when I first realized I could do it
the pride and wonder
when I could first ride a bike
(or you can stick any first experience of the positive life-changing variety in here)

But I can't go back

And so I go forward
pedal stroke by pedal stroke
through puddles
dodging garbage trucks
jaywalking pedestrians
everything on the road
that seems
for today
to want to do me in

I go forward
until at some moment
I don't know when
(maybe I've pedaled
long enough
or far enough)
that the feeling returns

And I can do it
and it's wonder
and mystery
and adventure

its on a bike

just because you grow up
doesn't mean
you have to lose the joy
the wonder
the fun of it all

my time machine
imagination vehicle?

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