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Friday, May 11, 2012

Tales from the Road: Parts

Charlie went fixie in October, we went through a cog in 5 months....
....that meant replacing half the drive train after 1,700 miles.

New Dura-Ace cog
SRAM chain

Charlie showing off his shiny Origin-8 rear hub, back when things were still shiny and new at the beginning of March, right after the tune-up....

Still have yet to use the freewheel on this flip-flop hub.  Still rocking the same old chain-ring, over seven thousand miles with that thing, but the rapid development of chain stretch each and every time we replace the chain says, it's almost time.... Maybe when this cog wears out in a couple months (or less b.c I'm riding more), we'll replace the entire drive train.  

Just like our bicycles we have to adjust to changes, reinvent ourselves from time to time.  Doesn't mean we have to reinvent the wheel; but to invite new adventures, new growth, new chances for happiness, we might need to change up what used to drive us.

Dreaming of Campy parts....

We've now gone over 7,500 miles together, Charlie and I....'s to ten thousand! 

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