Musings on Bicycling and Buddhism

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bicycle Race

This song is called "Bicycle Race (I want to ride my bicycle)" (1978) and it is by the genius front man of Queen, Freddie Mercury.  It has a lot more going on than just the catchy "I want to ride my bicycle"* - but for today my cry is just that; I want to ride my bicycle because the sun finally came out and it's a breezy fall day.  And that would be so much more appealing than sorting through and identifying thousands of recovered files from our crashed network server...

*The video for this song caused quite a scandal back in the day, it was banned in many countries because it featured 65 nude models on bicycles in Wimbledon Stadium.  The other song on the original single LP was "Fat Bottomed Girls".  (And yes that's the one they used on Glee last season...)

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