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Friday, October 21, 2011

Crosswalk Part 2 (read as: Suicidal Pedestrians)

Maybe it's the change in the weather, or something in the air, but today saw an influx of suicidal pedestrians.

On the ride to work today I witnessed 3 different people, 1 in Somerville and 2 in Cambridge, literally run - throwing themselves - into oncoming traffic, dodging cars like in the movies! (While the Do Not Walk sign was flashing, of course...)

And why did they do this, you ask?  Was it to save a runaway baby stroller?  A small child in danger?  A little old lady?  Reunite with a lost love?


It was to catch a bus.

Apparently these days buses are worth dying for....

....that's just wrong if you ask me.

But maybe I'm missing something....

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